Scotts Steering Stabilizer_Damper
Scotts Steering Stabilizer_Damper

Scotts Steering Stabilizer_Damper

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-Damper/Link Arm/Hardware ONLY- 

The Scotts Steering Damper is the gold standard for motorcycle steering stabilizers. We’ve tested numerous brands over the past 20 years and the Scotts Damper is the clear leader. With enough adjustability to suite anyone’s style and preference to best suite your riding style and bike characteristics the Scotts Damper offers the most professional level steering control on the market which is why we choose the Scotts to build our products around. Note: Just because there is a LOT of adjustability doesn’t mean you should use it. MOST riders find their best settings are very close to the factory recommended initial settings.  

Customers often say, “the whole bike feels better”. This is a common sentiment because more than just stabilizing your steering, the Scotts steering damper stabilizes the whole bike. By stabilizing the front of the bike the rear tracks more straight, allowing the suspension to work the way it was intended. When your bike rides more stable you can ride more relaxed which also allows the bike to ride more stable and natural.

At the end of the day our goal is to make products that help make your ride more enjoyable. With the Scotts steering damper you can ride more relaxed with more confidence and less fatigue. What is more enjoyable than that?


Here is a detailed description from Scotts…

A compact, fully adjustable, hydraulic shock absorbing damper that mounts to your steering head area right above your handlebar mount. It helps control the natural tendency of the “left to right” front end movements known as “head shake” on a motorcycle. By helping to stabilize the front end of your motorcycle, the rear of the motorcycle will track straighter allowing the rest of your suspension to work the way it was designed to. The result in stabilizing the front end means more precise steering also. In addition, the Scotts Steering Stabilizer eliminates that sudden "thrust-effect” of having the handlebars pulled from your hands after unknowingly hitting something unforeseen like rocks, tree roots, rain ruts and potholes. It also helps to minimize rider fatigue and the dreaded “arm-pump” situation that occurs while wrestling the front end of your bike, especially in rougher terrain. Once mounted, it dramatically reduces the unwanted phenomenon known as "Head-shake" that is commonly found on ALL off-road production motorcycles and especially predominant on road bikes once you let off the throttle and the front end dives, causing that “wobble” sensation from increased head angles. This is more predominant now a-days due to the steeper head angles you find on production bikes. It helps keep your motorcycle going straight in the whoops, reduces head shake approaching turns, and smoothes out those rough sections by preventing those handlebar wrenching jolts.